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All Sizes

We design safety programs tailored to your business, work performed and specific industry. With competitive pricing, we offer all sizes of companies the chance to breathe easy.

We Offer cREATIVE Solutions for Employee
Mind, Body, & Safety

Safety Program Support

Learn to manage your own safety systems with confidence.

Employer Benefits

Explore the benefits of a healthy safety program.

Extra Value Added

We provide ongoing, complimentary content to all MBS customers. 

Seasonal Promotions Fall 2023

Fall is here, and we are excited to share our seasonal promotions with the community. Our promotions are carefully chosen based on community need, latest injury trends and safety advisories.

At MBS Alaska, we provide resources for individuals and businesses to enhance workplace safety and spread hazard awareness.

Contact us today to get on our Fall Promotions calendar.

“The direct result of safety is productivity.
Workers plan their work; they understand their roles and know their job inside and out.”